...back to European Adventures: Episode 3. We travelled back to Vienna for a one-day blitz through Schonbrunn Palace and Stephensplatz. Schonbrunn is one of the most famous palaces in Europe because it's really old and rich important people lived there. Yes, I know, please be amazed by my historical prowess. Anyways, they lost some brownie points from me because they don't allow any photos. They want you to buy postcards. I managed to shoot off one frame before being death-glared by the staff and giving them a stupid-American-innocent look, "Oh, is that not allowed?"

Vienna, Austria - Schonbrunn Palace - ceiling painting inside

But the rest of the tour was great. Even better about this day, was the fact that we got to see Andrew's mom Christine and brother Kevin. They had flown into Germany and driven down with Matt (the groom's) parents. It was so great to see them after 3 months of being away from home!

The Vienna Tour Gang - aka American Invasion

Vienna, Austria - Schonbrunn Palace

The outside of Schonbrunn Palace

The rest of the day was taken up with trying to find a parking spot, trying to find a restaurant, eating our faces out, and then wandering around a plaza filled with shops that had signs like, "Now Presenting, The Pen of the Year." Seriously, the pen of the year? They have awards for that? Andrew and I were quite satisfied to browse the upstairs English section of a bookstore. See, when we vacation, we get excited about very abnormal things. Like eating cheese. And shopping in grocery stores. And being able to use a credit card. (ok, that's just me on that last one) We even went to Aldi's while we were in Hungary - and it was heaven. 

Vienna, Austria - Stephensplatz


Vienna, Austria - Stephenplatz - Jewelry for Schmucks

Jewelry for Schmucks

Vienna, Austria - Stephensplatz - St. Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral

At the end of the day, we all rode back to Budapest, quite exhausted, but happy with our one-day tour of Vienna.