The Evolution of the Christmas Tree

Andrew and I are enjoying a chilled-out Christmas Eve here at home. Well, chilled out, if you forget about the 7:30 a.m. wedding we went to this morning and the two parties we are attending tonight. But, ya know. Chilled out, as in, not working right now and watching old episodes of the Brother Cadfael mystery series on YouTube.

We are currently on our third Christmas tree/bush. The first one was an attempt at having a "tropical" Christmas tree that pretty much failed.

Andrew dubbed it our "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree (meaning, pathetic-looking). It promptly got a fungus, lost all its leaves and was banished to the front porch, sans ornaments.

So I grabbed another houseplant and tried to made a little Christmas corner, with red and green scarves and a funky Nativity set I picked up in Phnom Penh.

Christmas in Poipet, Cambodia - life as an expat

Christmas in Poipet, Cambodia - life as an expat

But, yeah, just not really feeling it.

Luckily, when I was in Siem Reap last week, I spotted real-fake Christmas trees in the market, imported straight from Vietnam. Can you imagine the randomness? Buying a Christmas tree in Cambodia from Vietnam. Anyways, this was was finally winner - mostly for the fact that it actually looks like a Christmas tree and can't get a fungus.

Christmas in Poipet, Cambodia - life as an expat

So from us here in Cambodia, Merry Christmas!!!