An Excursion to the Village

Last week, I hopped on a moto and joined a friend on a trip to the village. Koub Toich is a small village about 40 minutes away by moto. Luckily, the weather is cool, and the sun is refreshing instead of the searing iron it normally feels like.

The entry gate on the road to the village

Beautiful flowering bushes in bloom

The road goes ever on and on...

And finally - Koub Toich!

It is so refreshing to get out of dusty, noisy Poipet and go out to the villages, where the air is clean and the roads quiet. Cambodia has so much natural beauty, even now in the dry season, with the rice harvested and the fields lying brown and empty. The wide open skies and open fields remind me of my home in Kansas - except the addition of palm trees, of course.

We visited two women who are both being seen in the thyroid clinic. They showed us such generous hospitality, feeding us a full meal at 10 o'clock in the morning. Their neighbors and family members gathered around, helping prepare the food and curiously watching the foreign visitors to their village.

Our Cambodian feast

"So, uh, how are you supposed to eat this?"
"You just get your hands into it, tear it apart, and suck out the eyeballs."

The best pork dish I have ever had in Cambodia.

Gretchen talking with the patient and her neighbors about the clinic

A giant centipede-thingy that took a stroll by our table while we were eating

"You know, you gotta be kinda tough to do this job..." - G

And, of course, the classic photos of overloaded vehicles transporting goods across Cambodia

Cow crossing. Naturally.