Another Cambodian Wedding

We are hanging out in Siem Reap, getting ready for our big race tomorrow. And boy, am I glad I'm sleeping in a hotel tonight and not in my house.

Thursday morning, we were awakened by blaring loud wedding music. At 4:30 a.m. I don't think even the roosters were up yet. This was the sound around 7 a.m. from our house and the reason why I spent the whole day hiding in Andrew's office: it never stopped.

And the video below shows the reason we went to a friend's house and crashed at their house. The music kept going strong until at least midnight. Hey, Cambodians know how to throw a pretty good party - especially since there's enormous amounts of beer included.

However, we were invited to this wedding, as it was the marriage of our neighbor's son. So we were thankful that, even if we did suffer a bit in the morning, we would get to enjoy some food and entertainment in the evening at the reception. And entertained we were. I caught this video of a guy getting up on stage (far left in the gold shirt) throwing out some pretty wild dance moves.

I think we've adjusted to certain aspects of Cambodian life pretty well. We now expect that if there's a wedding, there will be loud music involved all day long. But we also had so much fun going to the wedding and seeing many of our neighbors and friends there, including Sithai, the groom's sister, a pretty cool 12-year-old who loves to practice her English with me.

The next morning, I went back to the house to finish packing for Siem Reap. The music at that wedding had stopped around midnight, but, on the other side of the block, another wedding was already in full-blown music mode. The party never stops in Poipet.

So we made it to Siem Reap yesterday and have been enjoying Mexican food and running on paved sidewalks. We'll leave our hotel around 5:30 a.m. Andrew is running 10k and I will be running my first race of 3k tomorrow - which means we should try to get some sleep sometime tonight!