The Ultimate Shopping Paradise

I don't think I will ever stop being amazed by the huge, luxe shopping malls in Bangkok. Invariably, Andrew and I find ourselves wandering through the shiny halls, mouths agape at the economic excess that makes these shopping meccas thrive.

The entry to Gaysorn Shopping Center

It's hard to believe that you can drive 3 hours from Cambodia and its abject poverty and un-Westerness, and find yourself in a mall so Western I've never seen its equal in the USA. 

Andrew adjusting to Terminal 21, a brand new shopping center

Ironically, Andrew and I almost never went into shopping malls back in the States. I'd make forays into Oak Park Mall only occasionally, with one store in mind - in-and-out as quickly as possible was my goal.

However, we did find one big bonus for shopping malls in Bangkok (besides the bowling alley, indoor ice skating rink, and 4-D cinema theaters): Outback Steakhouse. And while there, we got to catch up with an old friend, Byrd.

You might remember me mentioning Byrd from this post about the flooding in Bangkok. I met Byrd about 10 years ago on my first trip to Asia. We've kept in touch ever since, and it's pretty neat to see life come back around full-circle, with both of us back working in Southeast Asia. We had a great time catching up over dinner and hearing about all his adventures working with the YWAM Emergency Relief Team.

Now, despite the blog posts, we didn't spend our entire weekend eating food in shopping malls. We go to experience "the real rainforest adventure", compliments of Uncle Steve. More on that adventure will be coming very soon.....