Snapshots of Our Week


We had a satisfyingly busy day at clinic on Monday. While this little one's mom was in seeing the doctor, we (the staff) all took turns holding him and playing with him, trying to keep him as distracted as possible. He was the sweetest almost-2-year-old ever.

I had to get a shot of his "splint". I noticed he wasn't walking, and asked his mom if he was able to. She pulled up his pant leg and showed me this wooden-slat splint, saying he had been hit by a car and broken his bone. She took him to a kruu khmer, or traditional Cambodian healer, and he fitted him out with the splint. It didn't seem to bother him much, so who knows if the bone was actually broken or not, and if the splint is helping anything!


One of our expat friends, volunteering here as an English teacher, had his 21st birthday this week. We celebrated in typical fashion, with lots of singing and music, and lots of sweet, sugary food.


Wednesday afternoon, we had a baking day at our friends' home, who are graciously hosting a huge group of us tonight for Thanksgiving dinner. For the first time ever, I attempted to make a pie by myself. And of course, not wanting to make it too traditional, I opted to do a whole-wheat butter crust (recipe here). The whole wheat makes it healthy, the butter makes it not healthy - a good balance!

Yes, that's my pie on the right. And yes, that is a pathetic-looking elf-shaped cutout. I know it's not Christmas; he was just so cute, I couldn't resist!

Our finished pies. Gretchen's pumpkin pie definitely wins on appearance. We'll have to wait to judge taste tonight at the Thanksgiving dinner!

Dr. Rusty's amazing family is having us all over for dinner tonight, and we are really looking forward to a traditional American holiday. Unfortunately, because it is an American holiday, Andrew doesn't get the day off. Only international holidays are celebrated with a paid holiday. But hey, we get days off for stuff like boat festivals and the king's birthday, so we can't complain too much!

Stay tuned for a giveaway!!! Information will be posted very soon!