Mexican Food

Andrew and I had a great weekend in Bangkok. I'll be posting some photos (and video!) from our trip. Needless to say, we had fun shopping, seeing the sights of the big city, attending an English church service...and eating MEXICAN FOOD.

Every time I talked about eating MEXICAN FOOD, I talked in capital letters. Because it was that exciting.

Ah, chips and salsa - I am in cielo.

Being in Asia means great Asian food, but nonexistent/terrible Mexican food. They don't grow jalapenos here. I never realized how essential jalapenos were to good Mexican food. Also, there are very few Mexicans here. Actually, I've yet to meet one. So the food that does exist is usually made by Americans trying to satisfy a deep need for some chips and salsa.

However, in Bangkok, we hit the jackpot. 

On our previous visit to Bangkok, we had stumbled upon an international food festival being held close to our hotel. We had tried some food from a Mexican stand and loved it. So, we looked the restaurant up when we went back. And what can I say - thank you, food festival.

I know this seems a bit excessive, writing an entire blog post just about Mexican food. Maybe we are a bit more obsessed than the average American. But, in the States, we would eat Mexican food at least once a week. And we lived about 3 minutes from Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, which has some of the best Mexican food in town (Poco's, anyone?). So Mexican food is really our version of soul food.

Mmmm, fajitas

And on Saturday night, we went salsa dancing at a teeny place called La Rueda. I really feel like I got a small taste of home on this trip - quite refreshing!