Headed to Bangkok

Despite the embassy's best warnings, we are headed to Bangkok tomorrow for a long weekend holiday. Cambodia is holding their Water Festival this week, and thus, we have a short 2-day work week. Seriously, Cambodia has more national holidays than I could have ever thought possible. As expats, we don't get all the days off that our Khmer staff get off. But once in a while, we get to enjoy the fruits of the long holiday.

If you have been anywhere near a television in the past few weeks, you probably have heard about the massive flooding Thailand has been experiencing. Cambodia has had some mild flooding itself, but nothing compared to its neighbor. Over 500 deaths have been reported so far from flooding, and Bangkok, the capital, has had some serious flooding in the northwest areas.

We were scheduled to have our yearly ministry retreat in Thailand this week, but it was cancelled because of the flooding - not necessarily because we would have been in imminent danger, but because they didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. Unfortunately, we had already made nonrefundable hotel reservations in Bangkok for a few nights following the conference. So, of course, we can't just not go - what a waste of money!

One of my long-time friends, Byrd, is a worker with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Bangkok. He has been sending our some pretty incredible photos and updates about the work YWAM is doing to help the people of Bangkok. YWAM has teams going into the flooded areas in boats, bringing food, water and supplies to the people stuck in those areas. Byrd updates his blog frequently with new photos and stories - you can check it out HERE.

It's actually a bit dangerous to go into the flooded areas. There are a lot of electric lines down in the water, as well as sewage, snakes, and even some crocodiles that escaped from a croc farm during the storms. Yikes. So pray that the workers going into the areas and the people stuck there will be kept safe from injury and disease. As always, all that help takes money. So if you can, check out the YWAM website and see how you can help Byrd and his team assist the people of Bangkok.