Welcome to the 21st Century

Andrew and I have actually made a lot of progress in the past few days, getting settled into our home. We are staying in the same home that we were in during our first five months here. And in our absence, the landlord has made some remarkable improvements. Such as hot water.

If you haven't traveled overseas before, you might not have seen this type of water heater before. It's actually quite efficient, only being turned on when needed and allowing the water to run through the heater and out the nozzle. The blue one on the right is not heated, so we have two options - cold shower or hot shower. Pretty snazzy!

Ceiling fan! Yeah, not like American ceiling fans, with long blades and a light in the middle. But it rotates around and helps immensely in cooling off the dining room. 

Electrical upgrade - you have no idea how much this is appreciated. Before, our house was running on about 10 amps of power. Compare that to the 100 amps Americans get in their homes - although using different voltage, it still is a lot less! We haven't had any power problems (yet) since moving back. I'm sure they will come. :) 

We also broke down and went over to Thailand on Saturday and bought a television. This is the first time in either of our adult lives that we have bought a television, between Andrew and I. Very un-American, right? And very amusing that our first purchase happened in southeast Asia. But we do find ourselves watching movies a lot more often here - compared to, literally, a few times a month in the States - since it is absolute darkness by 6 p.m. and you can get DVDs for $2 a pop. 

I have to admit, having all these luxuries can make me feel a bit guilty, when I look at how most Cambodians live. Hot water? Electricity that's not running off a car battery? Now, a television, surprisingly, lots of people have. So I guess I can take that off my list! 

But, living with Grandma Dottie for six weeks has changed how I look at our possessions. Grandma Dottie always says, This house is the Lord's, and if anyone needs something, they can use it. So hearing that a lot has stuck in my mind, and I hope that I can have the same kind of selflessness that she does.