Team SP Cambodia

Team SP is running the half-marathon at Angkor Wat on December 4!!!

Every year, a half-marathon is held at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia to raise money for an NGO benefitting children's programs. And an enterprising intern who works for Samaritan's Purse in Phnom Penh is organizing a group of SP staff to run in all the races, from the 3k family fun run to the full half-marathon, in order to raise funds for projects here in Cambodia.

Poipet running club after Phnom Penh race, June 2011

Yours truly will be attempting the 3k with some of the other women from the SP Poipet office. I know, I know - such an overachiever. Andrew, on the other hand, is still wavering between the 10k and half-marathon. So give him some encouragement - tell him you'll sponsor him for $100 per kilometer if he runs it!

SP Cambodia has over ten projects going on right now in-country, from school feeding programs and village sanitation to nutrition interventions and women's health groups. SP Cambodia is funded primarily by donations, and this is a great opportunity to support the SP staff. 

You can check out more information on the race and on SP by going to their First Giving website (link here). It's still being developed a bit, but you can see some quick info on SP and on the race. And I'm sure you will be hearing more about the race as I attempt to actually run 3k...maybe even without stopping.