Mission Accomplished

We made it to Phnom Penh with relative ease. Our bags all miraculously arrived without any problems, our van driver was ready to greet us, and even though the hotel had a "problem" in one of the rooms, they informed us upon our arrival and simply had us go to one of their other sister hotels. It always amazes me that sometimes things go smoother here than expected.

And the humidity! Oh, wow, it felt like we walked into a rain cloud, as humid as it was. We have officially walked into the rainy season.

It was such a relief to finally land in Cambodia, and with it, was a sense of familiarity and almost of coming home - although we are still certainly far from our home in Poipet yet! But being able to speak what little Khmer we know just takes away that "oh-my-gosh-i've-landed-on-a-foreign-planet" feeling that you get when first arriving in a foreign country. We are so happy to be back in Cambodia.