Just a Pile of Rocks

If you've been following our blog for a while, you may have seen photos of our road, which looks like this:

Andrew went outside today and decided it was time to take action. After attempting to transport tiny rocks from the backyard to the road, he decided this was not the best way to fill in all that water. So he talked to the landlord and we all hopped in the truck to go to buy rocks. I think it was the landlord's first time in a car, because Andrew had to open and close the door for him - he was quite confused by the handle!

But, even if our landlord doesn't know how to open a car door, he is definitely the go-to guy for anything we need done or bought around the house. We ended up at a construction supply store quite close to the house, and bought two truckloads of rocks.

And then a funny thing happened: We bought rocks so that our truck wouldn't get stuck in the mud. And then, the truck that brought the rocks to us got stuck in the mud itself.

Our landlord watching the truck guys attempting to unearth the truck from the sinkhole it fell into.

Welcome to Cambodia!

But all the rocks got dumped off. And the guys left. And then I realized it was up to Andrew, the landlord and I to put all 4 cubic meters of rock in place.

And that was just one truckload!

Heng and Sai checking out the action.

But then, another funny thing happened. We hadn't asked any of the neighbors for help, although we were laying rock in our neighbor's part of the road as well. But after we three had been working a bit, the neighbor came out and started moving rocks. Then his wife came out and helped too. Then the landlord's wife started throwing rocks around, and the neighbor's grandmother came out and called our landlord over, giving him money to buy another truckload. And before we knew it - after a few smashed fingers and mud covering our feet, hands, and everything in between - it was all put in place. And it was a beautiful sight.

My feet, however, were definitely not a beautiful sight.

I won't lie - I'm pretty sure I smelled dog crap on my shoes when I was washing them off. But, hopefully that's nothing a little bleach won't kill off!

Andrew and I had talked about asking the neighbors to all chip in for the cost of the rocks, but we decided to just go ahead and pay for it. And then, without asking, our neighbors come out, help us, and even buy more rocks. It was just great to experience that "working-together" feeling with our Cambodian neighbors, and a bit amazing that we were able to initiate all that with our limited Khmer language. That was some hard work, fo shizzle, but we all got it done!