Hello, Poipet!

Just a little shot from our layover in Seoul, South Korea. The mountains are beautiful, even from a distance.

After almost 7 hours in a taxi, driving over potholes and flooded roads, we finally made it to Poipet Wednesday evening. And oh, what a sweet relief to finally get home. We had heard about the flooding that is happening across Cambodia at this time, affecting over 150,000 families. We saw plenty evidence of it on our drive to Poipet.

It was amazing to see the houses that, two months earlier, had stood high above the ground on stilts, and now were barely hovering above the water, even submerged in it at times. And although Poipet doesn't seem to have such severe flooding as the above photos, you can definitely see the difference in the water level in the pond at our house.

May, at the height of the hot dry season

October - rainy season

Just another reason to be grateful for living on the top floor!

Our truck arrived at the house around 7pm. In typical fashion, rain started pouring down the minute they pulled the tarp off the truck and started unloading. We are hugely fortunate to have some amazing friends here in Poipet who will help out at the drop of a hat, so it took no more than half an hour to unload our furniture and luggage and get it upstairs into our house. Here's a video surveying the damage results:

{Towards the end, you can hear a crackling sound. That's Andrew killing bugs with our mosquito racket - looks like a tennis racket, but it's electrified. A very gratifying way to kill evil skeeters. Oh, and the white fuzzy noise in the background? Rain.}

I have to admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed by the unpacking process, coupled with cleaning a house that has only been lived in intermittently in the past 6 weeks. It looks like about a million insects had some wild frat parties, then dropped dead, littering the floor with their carcasses. Is it bad that there's a dead cockroach on the bathroom floor and I just haven't managed to sweep it up yet? I've just been toeing it out of my way and thinking, Oh, next time I'll grab the broom and get that out. ::Andrew's edit:: We also had an occultish colony of suicidal ants that for some reason would dive into our water jug and drown themselves! Had to be over a thousand of the little red ants in there. 

All in all, I'm a bit surprised at how happy I am to be back in Poipet. I really feel like we've come home, which is a good feeling to have.