The Daily News

When you travel in a foreign country, picking up the local English newspaper (if available) always tends to be an intriguing experience. Often, the newspaper can give you a feel for the political and social climate and what international stories the people consider "newsworthy". Last week, when Andrew and I were in Phnom Penh, we spent some time relaxing at Blue Pumpkin, a local ice cream shop. I picked up the Cambodian Daily and skimmed through its pages. Some of the stories were so interesting, I couldn't resist scribbling them down on a napkin and saving them for a blog post. What is also interesting is that I can't help assuming that most of this news never reaches the average American's eyes.

  • "151 people dead in Cambodian flooding - 170,000 affected"
  • "Earlier this year, a small city in central Anhui province [China] announced plans to spend more than $44 million on a hotel designed to look like a ping pong paddle."
  • "Gunmen in Kenya kidnap a 66-year-old disabled Frenchwoman and escape into Somalia."
  • "Denmark has elected a 27-year-old female Prime Minister known for her activism. In 2007, she dumped 200 kilograms of pasta and 40 liters of tomato sauce inside the Financial Ministry building in protest of student grant cuts."
  • "A Cambodian police chief has not been arrested after confessing to raping a woman because the family had earlier taken $1,000 for not pressing charges against him."
  • "A Cambodian man kills his neighbor with a machete after colliding with him in a bicycle accident."