7 Days and Counting

Hard to believe, but we have less than a week left in the US before heading back to Cambodia. And we are trying to squeeze in as many activities as we can! This past week, we finally got ourselves to the Kauffman Stadium for a Royals baseball game, during which, they kicked the Detroit Tigers' tail all the way to Nebraska (go Royals!). Baseball is a quintessential American experience, and we had to get in at least one game before we left. We went with Andrew's parents and brother, so it was a great family outing. We bought nosebleed seat tickets off the internet for 70 cents (woo hoo) and then sat wherever we liked. That's how we roll.

This weekend, we took the long drive down to Chanute to hang out with my family. It was Artist Alley weekend, which meant that a ton of people had returned to Chanute and there were actually a lot of different things to do. Like riding the train out into the countryside.

That's Grandpa Don. He's a pretty cool guy, and he loves trains and has ridden about three hundred. Or something. So he always tells some good stories when he gets on one.

And that's my youngest sister, Amelia, who is loads of fun.

Artist Alley is a great Chanute tradition that has been going on as long as I can remember. Vendors and booths set up all along the downtown streets, and a parade kicks things off in the morning. It's not the most impressive parade ever - no Macy's Day floats here - but there's always some pretty quirky characters hanging out.

Like the hillbillies.

And the Mirza temple dancers.

And "you can't fix stupid." These guys must know from experience.