Ultimate Frisbee in Cambodia

Every weekend, on Saturday and Sunday evenings, the youth from the local church get together to play Ultimate Frisbee. They play on a wide dirt road, right next to a large pond, which means we have to stop frequently to let traffic through, and occasionally someone has to take a jump in the pond to rescue our drowning frisbee disc.

This week was no different.

This is the large pond right next to the road where we play.

We have to yield to whatever traffic comes through the road. Whether it be bicycles, motos, trucks...or herds of cattle (see below!).

There's also a volleyball net for those less inclined to run around endlessly. Like me.

And of course, the regular jumps into the pond to get the frisbee out.

Sometimes, they both end up in there!

I have to admit, this was the first weekend we had to yield to a herd of cattle walking through our frisbee field! That definitely doesn't happen on the J.C. Nichols Park in KC.