Trip to Ang Sala

With the visit of short-term teams, we always love to take a trip out to the village. It shows them the prettier, quieter side of Cambodia, outside of the dust and grime of Poipet. Our favorite village is Ang Sala, which has some of the friendliest people I've met in Cambodia.

Yusue and one of the teenage girls tagging along decided to ride on top of the Land Rover...on rutted, potholed, dirty village roads. Not my idea of a fun time, but whatev!

Of course, Yusue had to show off by climbing the coconut tree....and the cameras whipped out faster than any gunslinger could've done.

Can you spot the monkey in the tree?

This is Pastor Om. Not his real name. But what I call him. I have seen this man, with his prosthetic leg to the hip, climb a ladder and do all sorts of things that I'm too lazy to do with both my legs. He also is a cheerful, compassionate Christian man who leads the church in Ang Sala.

And after Yusue kicked down all the coconuts, he chopped off the tops so we could have fresh coconut water.

Soooooo delicious. If you haven't had coconut water, you should definitely try it. I think they sell 4 oz. cartons at Whole Foods for $3 a pop. Or you can come to Cambodia, climb a tree, and have some for free.

The pastor and his wife also have a beautiful garden, with so many flowers. Poipet is a very colorless, flowerless place, so while the visitors were going crazy over the coconuts, I was fascinated by the flowers.

This is one of the patients we treated just the day before in clinic. She was happy to see us again. So was her son, even though he doesn't look it!

I just had to throw in this photo - this little boy riding a far-too-large bicycle! Usually there will be 3 or 4 kids piled onto a bicycle like this!