Snapshots of A Clinic Day (or two)

I realized that I have never taken photos of our clinic days. Before this week, that is.

With all our extra help around the clinic these day - Gretchen is back, Patty helps Wednesday mornings, and Sue visited from the US for two weeks to help us out - I finally had time to whip out the ol' Canon and take a few shots of us in action.

We had a bit of a slow day at the clinic on Tuesday, so we took turns taking blood pressures and posing for glamour shots. Sitting is Om Suong - our go-to man. If you want to find someone, he knows where they are. If you want to fix something, he knows how to do it. If you want fried rice with liver from the market, he knows the best rice shop. Seriously, this man is a gold mine - and to top it all off, he is a strong believer who loves nothing more than to sit and talk with people and share Christ with them.

Standing is Yusue (yoo-sway), our newest employee at the clinic. He has ambitions of going to nursing school, then on to medical school. He's extremely bright and has so much potential. We were actually practicing blood pressures together.

Here, Yusue is practicing his newfound skills.

Gretchen an amazing woman who has already worked in Cambodia for a year and came back last month after home leave. We'll be working together at the clinics from now on, and I'll be honest, I'm pumped about having her here. She speaks great Khmer and has a lot of experience with Cambodia that I can learn from. Here, she's practicing hematocrits (blood test). We recently brought a machine to the thyroid clinic that will allow us to do quick on-the-spot hematocrits. So Tuesday, we all drew each other's blood, and Gretchen did our hematocrits to see whose was the highest. Guess who it was? Oh yeah, me - with a hematocrit of 45%. Which is pretty dang healthy. Considering I don't really exercise or eat red meat or do anything that would make me that dang healthy. 

Gretchen is also a fellow blogger, and takes some sweet photos. Check out her stuff right here.

Dr Rusty and Laalin counseling a patient on Wednesday clinic...

A group patiently waiting their turn with the doc...

This is Yiye (yee-yay). a.k.a. Grandma, wife of Om Suong. I love this woman. I helped her pick out those fashionable frames. She's basically blind without them, and can see through one eye ok with them on. She makes smashin' nom cheik (banana cake), loves to laugh, and always gives me a hug. I was trying to get her photo, and she kept a straight face for a while....

...but then lost it.

Sorry for the blurriness. It's hard to catch that woman on film when she starts cackling away like that.

So hopefully you've enjoyed this incredibly-belated-introduction to some of the people that we've grown to love during our 5 months here. I am so thankful for such an energetic, experienced, fun group of people to work with. Although no one could replace our family and friends back home, our friends here in Cambodia have certainly lessened our homesickness, as our relationships have grown deeper and more meaningful.

Ok, enough of the sappy talk. Just look at Yiye's face and try telling me Cambodians aren't fun!