Reunion With the Family

We celebrated Andrew's mother's birthday last night with a big surprise party. It was perfect timing for us, as it gave us an excuse to see all of Andrew's extended family.

We decided to forego the normal black-and-red decorations and balloons saying "You're how old???" for a more youthful party. I found a bunch of "pinspiration" for bunting banner decorations here, here and here, and my extremely patient husband printed out, cut out, and hole-punched all the bunting letters. I have little-to-no creative outlet in Cambodia, so I was absolutely thrilled to spend the day driving around to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and finding exactly what I wanted.

Almost the whole crew was there for the party, from both sides of the family. It was great to catch up with all the cousins, aunts and uncles.

The weather was absolutely perfect for swimming and sand volleyball - which, unfortunately, I did not partake in, as my jet lag was hitting me full-force after dinner and I was lying on the kitchen floor whimpering, waiting for my coffee to finish dripping.

The birthday girl got in the fun!

It was a really, really long day, and Andrew and I finally collapsed into bed around 11pm. But the aunts and uncles were still hard at playing games in the living room, yelling at each other over a game of Pitch, hardly aware of the late hour. I mumbled to Andrew as we both drifted off to sleep, "You know what I love about your family? They just love being together - even at 11 o'clock at night." Luckily, even their raucous laughter didn't keep us from sleeping.