Rain & Roads

We have had some pretty heavy rains the past few nights. It's great, because it cools everything off dramatically. It's bad, because it wreaks havoc on the roads.

This is the street where we live. Pretty, isn't it? Especially with all that extra mud!

Andrew is gearing himself up for the ride to work on our trusty moto.

This is the road to the clinic. Note the disappearance of solid ground under a sea of muddy water.

One of many big trucks stuck on the side of the road. "What, get stuck? Nah, not me! I can make it!" Famous last words. Then your rig is stuck in the mud til the rain stops next January.

"Hey, can you help pull me out?" 
Haha. He. ha.

Really, it was amazing how many people were getting around just fine in some of the worst mud I've ever seen. So. gross. Just one of many reasons you wear not-so-nice clothes and roll up your pant legs here. 

But then yesterday, someone pointed out, as we were careening around in the car over slick mud, trying to avoid sliding into quicksand-filled ditches, that driving on this mud is just like driving in the snow. Only much less pretty. And cold. And you can't snowboard on mud. So yeah, snow is better.