It's Raining Tonight

Andrew and I are sitting at our friend's house, listening to the rain and watching "So You Think You Can Dance?". Yes, we are still in Cambodia. We leave for the airport in about an hour and a half. The past few days have been full of saying "goodbye-for-now" and stuffing ourselves with as much Thai food that we can handle.

Libby, Gretchen and Beth at our goodbye-for-now party.

Andrew and Paul filling up at the Thai restaurant

The staff at the SP office had a fruit send-off for us, with plenty of Khmer music, fruit and a little dancing. It was great to spend Friday morning taking last minute photos with everyone, before we took off on a 6-hour taxi ride to Phnom Penh. Hy, we are coming back, but being gone for 6 weeks means we will be missing everyone!

We made it down to Phnom Penh in less than our regular 6 hours due to our Speedy-Gonzales-driver, described by Andrew as a rabid Tasmanian devil. But somehow we safely made it to Phnom Penh. It's been great to catch up with different friends here in Phnom Penh that we haven't seen since our last trip in June (which was really too short).

Chris and Pheap are two guys on Andrew's Water For Kids team.

Andrew managed to squeeze in a last-minute meeting Friday afternoon with a rural development official. Saturday has been pretty relaxing, with some quick shopping in the market to buy new jeans for Andrew that are much more expensive in the States, then heading over in the afternoon to our friends' home, who were (thankfully) happy to let us crash at our place for the day and drive us to the airport for our 11:50pm flight out of Cambodia.

In saying goodbye to everyone, I feel a bit nostalgic over the friends we've made over the past 5 months. I really think that is a huge factor in motivating us to come back - knowing that we have friends and coworkers here who provide the vital support that we need in living and working in, and adjusting to, a completely foreign culture.

So we leave tonight (actually noon on Saturday for KC time) and arrive Sunday afternoon - about 26 hours of travel time, with a total of 18 hours in the air. Oh, fun. So pray for us that travel is smooth and uneventful, that we are able to sleep on the plane, and be somewhat alert and sane when greeting our families after being absent for 5 months from home!

See you soon, KC!