Home At Last

We made it home to KC!!!

Our flights home were long but went smoothly. We had layovers in Seoul, South Korea and Chicago. We had some sticker shock in Seoul, with smoothies costing $5 a pop and water bottles $1 - definitely no longer in cheap, underpriced Cambodia!

Caffe Bene, our introduction to expensive Korean coffee shops...

...which also happens to have Mac computers free of use to customers for the internet. (holla to Matt & Edit!!!)

We're not in Cambodia any more...

We had our first American meal during our layover in Chicago - oh deliciousness. At least as delicious as airport food can get. And yes, we took photos.

Oh Mexican!!!!!!!!!

Andrew is pretty stoked about his Cajun sandwich and fries.

We were met at the KC airport by both our moms and my sister Grace. And believe it or not, I think it was hotter in KC than it was in Cambodia when we left. Except not as humid - but still hot! We had a great reunion with Andrew's side of the family, even with an amazing hand-made sign strung across the driveway with electrical cords, made by Kevin, Andrew's bro. As Andrew said, it was very bromantic.

I (Whitney) feel such a relief at finally being back home - but also feel a little bit of reverse culture shock already. I mean, everything in the USA is so nice!!!! It's strange when your backyard changes, in a little more than 24 hours, from muddy roads and wood shacks filled with half-naked children and chickens, to a manicured golf course and three-story, six-figure-priced mansions big enough to hold an entire village of Cambodians. 

I also have to come to grips with how materialistic my instincts can be. Is it wrong to luxuriate in all the nice things we left at home and now get to use again? There's no doubt, our home in the US is much nicer than our home in Cambodia. But "nicer" doesn't necessarily equal "better" - which sounds really backwards to American ears. 

But guess what....it's raining here. Just the same as in Cambodia. At least if we're going to be hanging out in the house, we'll be able to do it with our family! And do laundry. Which is really, really important. Especially because I only bought 2.5 pairs of pants with me from Cambodia and I can't find my jeans in all our storage........oh, no, I might have to go shopping. Horror of horrors.