WFK Potluck

I know, I know...I should balance myself and spread my blog posts over a few days instead of concentrating them all in one afternoon. But what else am I going to do on a Saturday evening? Oh ya, I could go play Frisbee with the gang. Or do something physically productive. But I'm recovering from my two days of ralking (that's run-walking with an emphasis on the walk), so I'd rather stay home, eat ice cream and go brain-dead while pinteresting and complogging (that's complaining-while-blogging, folks) about my shinsplints.

Anyweez, Andrew and I hosted our first part-ay here in Cambodia in our house. Actually more of a pot-luck. All the peeps from his project and one wife came over for lunch. True to Khmer style, we set the time at 12pm...and everyone showed up by 1pm. Time has a different meaning here.

But wow - the spread was uh-mazing.

"Oh sir, can you please pass the corn???"

This is Laalin, and her husband Piep. Laalin works at thyroid clinic with me and is one of my best buds. She has taught me tons of Khmer, I've taught her English, and we generally have a blast working together. And as it happens, her husband works with my husband. How convenient.

Paul took an after-meal-nap, necessary for making the arduous journey back the house next door. After lunch, some of the guys hung out for a while, learning new tunes on Andrew's sweet guitar.

It's great to hang out with Andrew's workmates outside of the office. We only have one weekend left before we leave for the States, so we're trying to make good use of our time.