Andrew and I have had a pretty enjoyable past few weeks here. The moto wreck didn't keep me down! (Note for clarification: Whitney was the one in the moto wreck, not Andrew!) Last week, I went on a "clinic team-building trip"to Siem Reap with the doctor and his wife and the nurse who recently returned from the USA to work with us. We women got a lot of shopping done, and we all enjoyed a $5 one-hour foot massage. Yes, we are certainly suffering for Jesus here in Cambodia.

We've also had some fun with our neighbors, as their daughter has had a new baby! The baby (name to be given later) was born the day after Andrew's birthday. 

The little boys living below us came up one morning and obviously didn't have anything to do. I was busy cleaning and getting ready for our trip, and decided to let them watch "Tangled" to keep them occupied. They were fascinated with the movie the entire time, and since then I've started getting presents of flowers laid at my doorstep. I'm assuming that perhaps the images from the movie gave them the realization that women love flowers!

As you can see, these are just a few tidbits of what makes our life interesting around here. We took advantage of our last few vacation days to travel about 3 hours north of Poipet into Thailand. Andrew's grandfather actually lives in Thailand, of all places, so yesterday we came up to see him. Of course, if our past travel experiences have taught us anything, it's that travel in Asia does not go exactly as planned. Yesterday did not prove any different. 

We weren't sure how to get to Buri Ram (the city near Andrew's grandfather's house), so we crossed the border and asked around. A man working for a taxi station insisted he could get us a taxi, and we repeated over and over again - Buri Ram, Buri Ram. We were put into the taxi, and 30 minutes down the road, our driver received a phone call. The driver pulled over to the side of the road, then turned around, handing the phone back to me. The man on the other end explained that we had been sent in the wrong taxi - he was headed to Bangkok. What ensued was a combination of Andrew calling our friend who speaks fluent Thai and having him talk to the driver, while I talked to two different men trying to explain to me how exactly the driver had been given the wrong city. 

So back to the taxi station, where the manager apologized for the confusion, saying that the other station guy had thought we meant a different city that ended in "buri". So we paid a little more money- yes, upsetting, but they'd given us the wrong price in the first place - then set off to Buri Ram. When we got close, we called the maid who helps take care of Grandpa, and she informed the driver they didn't actually live in Buri Ram, but in another city 40 kilometers to the north. So finally, after driving for an hour in the wrong direction, then 3 hours in the right direction through torrential rains, we arrived at Grandfather's house - after, of course, paying more money. 

Grandpa was sure happy to see us, though, so it was worth the crazy trip up here. Of course, he only wakes up for mealtimes, then goes back to sleep; so I think it's going to be a quiet, relaxing weekend. Grandpa lives with his stepson and stepson's wife, and they have a beautiful home out in the country. I think we're pretty far off the beaten track, as we've seen only one other white person in town who seemed to be traveling through, and we got plenty of stares this morning when talking a walk through the town!