Thank God for Helmets

So I (Whitney) had my first moto accident today.

I say first, because, as everyone tells me, it is expected to have more than one in the course of my life as a moto driver. Lovely.

I was on my way to the clinic this morning by myself on the moto. Classic story - a guy is walking across the street, talking on his cell phone, not watching traffic coming and I can see I'm going to hit him if he doesn't move it. So I honk my horn, and he stops walking. I swerve to avoid him and at the same time realize that a moto has decided to stop suddenly in the street. Right in front of me.

So then what happens next is a frantic braking and swerving to avoid hitting the moto, during which I lose control, fall over, and slide into the bumper of a fancy Lexus 4x4 parked on the side of the road.

When the moto finally comes to rest, I open my eyes to see at least a dozen Khmer standing over me, asking if I was alright and saying excitedly, Oh the barang wrecked her moto! I was shaky, but able to stand up on my own and realized we had all escaped relatively unscathed. The moto's front panel had popped off the frame and the foot rest had jammed up against the gear change, but surprisingly little other damage. The Lexus' bumper had barely a scratch on it, which the owner examined closely, brushed off the dirt, and declared, "Min ai tee" (not a problem). My helmet probably looked the worse of me, as I had some road rash abrasions on my shoulder and leg, but otherwise nothing major. I smacked my head on the pavement pretty good falling down, and my helmet has a new scar to prove it.

I've heard enough horror stories of moto accidents to know that mine could have been a lot worse - I'm still a bit mystified how I got away with just two patches of road rash and a headache! So I'm thankful that God protected from anything worse!