The Teamwork of Tying a Knot

Friday afternoon during the monthly staff meeting, one of the expat staff introduced a team-building exercise. Groups of four people held pieces of rope with both hands, making a line, and then were given the task of "tying" themselves so that the piece of rope held by the two middle people was in a knot - and only that piece.

Confused yet? Me too - that's why I designated myself the official photographer of the confusing madness that ensued.

Andrew got pretty tangled up halfway through...

We also celebrate birthdays at the end of every month. So Andrew got another birthday party! I made oatmeal cake with a coconut glaze and brownies with Nutella-coffee frosting. Oh yummy heavens deliciousness. We don't believe on skimping on the calories around here.

I actually made the cakes with two Khmer girls, daughters of one of the SP staff ladies. It was an amusing time, "teaching" the girls how to make cakes - I say that with quotation marks because when I asked them if they had a stovetop or an oven, they said they had neither. Yeah, that might be a problem. Also, I speak Khmer in limited manner - "You mix this. Oven hot. Now ready. One spoon this sugar white." So hopefully they learned more from my actions than my instructions. They had never seen oatmeal before...or vanilla...or cocoa it will be interesting to see what kind of cakes they are able to make at home!

Before we dig into the b-day cake, each staff member shares briefly about their past year - the good, the bad, and the funny. It's a great time to hear stories from individuals, people that most of the time, we don't get a chance to sit down and chat with. Above is Chris, one of the guys who works with Andrew's project. He's quite a hoot and always has us bustin' a stitch!