I Am A Runner


Ever since we've been married, Andrew has "encouraged" me to run. Now, there are many things that I will agree to, even if I'm not that keen on them. But when I decide no, I really mean that - no. I do not want to run.

I know that many of my friends think my attitude is completely incomprehensible - just as I fail to understand their enthusiasm about running. I blame it on the little tidbit I read in a magazine once about how people with ADD can't stand running because they get bored too quickly. I've never been actually diagnosed with ADD, but still, I can claim it in this instance, right?

Anyhoos, Andrew runs several times during the week with a group here in Poipet, and he's asked me many times to go with him. I tell him no thanks, I'll stay home in the air-conditioning and do my Pilates video. But Thursday, Lord knows what got into me, because I put on my tennies and announced to Andrew that I was running with him.

After he finished collapsing from shock and I successfully resuscitated him, we hopped on our moto and ran for about 3 miles.

Well, everyone else did. I probably ran a total of one mile, partially due to violent stomache cramps, a running-induced asthma attack, and feet so bloodied by swelling and sharp toenail edges that I left a trail of blood from here to the next rice paddy. Ok, not really that bad. But it makes me feel better about how much I walked if I think about it in those terms!

But after being out there, I can totally understand why Andrew enjoys it so much. You get to enjoy scenes like this...

Lush, green Cambodian countryside, quiet, at its best.

So Friday I did go back out and decided "interval training" was the way to go for me...as in, I walk 20 minutes, run 5 minutes, stop and lay on the side of the road for 3 minutes, then repeat times two. 

We'll see if I'm still running in a week's time.