Hello, Grandpa

Last week, we finally made a trip that we've been planning ever since coming to Cambodia. Andrew's grandfather lives only 3 hours away from Poipet in Buri Ram province, Thailand. Kinda crazy to come all the way to Southeast Asia and have family so close, eh? It took us a while to connect with his stepson, who he lives with, but we finally did.

Of course, you know have the worst of luck with transportation in Thailand, and at some point while we were waiting in line at immigration to cross over to Thailand, I wondered aloud to Andrew "What do you think will happen this time?" It didn't take long to find out.

When we found a taxi stand, we repeated multiple times to the man making arrangements and to the taxi driver, "We're going to Buri-Ram. You understand? You understand?" Obviously, not - despite the fact they said, "Ok! Buri-Ram. No problem" Thirty minutes into our drive, our driver got a call on his cell phone, telling him to turn around and bring us back to the border. We had been put in the taxi to Bangkok.

So, after driving back to the border and paying more money, we finally were headed in the right direction.

As you can see, Grandpa Ken was thrilled to see us.

Don't be fooled by his docile appearance. He still has a sharp sense of humor and set us laughing many times during mealtime. Which, by the way, was the only time he was awake. Andrew and I spent the rest of our time checking out the town and chillin' at the house - which wasn't difficult, considering it looked like this - 

And this...

But it was a bit quiet for us, with Grandpa Ken sleeping and all, so Saturday morning we caught a bus and rode 6 hours into Bangkok. Talk about culture shock. Coming from quiet, backwater Poipet, Bangkok is a cacophony of honking cars, buses, glitzy shopping malls, and tourists from a hundred countries. 

We spent some time at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center and, of course, the colossal shopping malls located a block away from our guesthouse. The modern design of Bangkok's buildings really amazed me.

Of course, what did they have there but an international food festival - oh yummy heavens. Booth after booth of delicious Asian and international food, even macarons and pastry pies. I was in food heaven.

I took a photo of the La Monita Taqueria booth because it was the best Mexican food I've had in Asia. It's definitely going to be a must-stop for future Bangkok trips.

We had a quick trip to Bangkok but loved it. Sunday afternoon, we caught a bus back to the border, which, unbeknownst to us, was so slow it wouldn't get us back to the border before it closed. So we ended up staying at a $13-a-night guesthouse in Thailand. It's definitely not the regular work experience when you cross over an international border on Monday morning back right in time for work. 

But back at work we are - headed into our last few weeks here in Cambodia, before heading to the US for a mini-furlough. 

I know I've said we're coming back. But I don't think I announced that it's for 2 years. Yup, 2 years in lovely, charming Poipet. Seriously, we are stoked - but definitely we get 6 weeks back at home before settling in here for good. And we get a few weeks back home after the first year. So if you want to see us, September is your chance. We're just going to be chilling back home, so give us a holler and come see us!