Happy Home in Poipet

Last night, Andrew and I had the great privilege of visiting a local Christian children's home here in Poipet.  The manager Patty (check out her blog @ http://poipetpatty.blogspot.com) works with me sometimes on Wednesdays at the church clinic. She also is a nurse and has told me a lot about the home. So last night, Andrew and I traveled out there for dinner and to see the place.

The home is under the ministry of Mercy Ministries Foundation (http://www.mmfthailand.org), and it's been open in Poipet since 2006. It's home to around 40 kids, ages 4-17, who have either been orphaned, abandoned, or rescued from trafficking or abuse situations. The home is probably one of the nicest places I have visited around Poipet - new(er) buildings, incredibly clean, and outside of the city's slime and grime and constant noise.

(Photos from MMF's website)

The kids are involved in all-day schooling, English lessons, family chores, life skill learning such as starting a "garden business", and just having a normal, fun, nurturing childhood. 

The home employs full-time house parents who stay with the children in their own bungalows.

We really enjoyed getting out the city and learning more about another Christian ministry helping children in such a wonderful way. We're hoping to go back sometime for "family night", when the children have praise and prayer, then dinner and a movie together.

In other news for us, Dr Rusty and his family are out of town for meetings, and the clinics will be closed for this week and next week. This has allowed me some nice rest time, as well as time to catch up on some Khmer studying - which I haven't really done since coming to Poipet. Andrew is continuing work on pumps for the schools, and is also preparing for preaching a sermon this weekend at the English church. He's looking forward to that, and pray for him that this opportunity is well-used. We're especially grateful for the chance to preach in English instead of Khmer!