Hangin' Around the House

One of the beautiful things about the weekend is...we can just stay home. Yeah, that sounds like an obvious one. But we cannot even begin to tell you how much we relish just sticking around the house and the neighborhood on Saturdays and Sundays. Getting enough rest - not only 8 hours of sleep a night but also really having a Sabbath rest day - has definitely shown itself to be vital in keeping ourselves fit for work. We're able to catch up on reading, Skype with our families back home, listen to sermons, take really long naps, and also spend time with our neighbors below and around us.

This week, Andrew took advantage of the free time after work to hang out with our family downstairs. He convinced Uncle (don't ask me his name, everyone just calls him "uncle") to take him out on the boat when Uncle needed to feed the fish.

I know, he looks as happy as a kid in a candy store, right?

Unfortunately he had to chuck water out the boat the whole time so they wouldn't sink!
We enjoy our pond - it's pretty, it's clean, and it separates us from the neighbors.

Heng and Sai enjoyed watching the barang in the boat with their grandfather. I was baking cookies upstairs in our kitchen when Heng (the oldest) surprised me by popping around the corner and excitedly telling me that Andrew was in the boat and I needed to bring the camera right away!

Heng, Sai and Andrew are turning into the Three Musketeers around here. Friday evening, I was cooking dinner and heard lots of laughter and counting in Khmer. I finally went out to the balcony to see what the kids were doing, and came upon this -

Andrew was out on the patio teaching the boys how to do leg lifts, jumping jacks and all sorts of other exercises I'm pretty sure they've never seen before. I think they were laughing more than they were actually exercising!

In other news, Sunday is Andrew's birthday!!! So make sure and send him a happy birthday e-mail so he doesn't feel forgotten by all his friends back in America. He gets to preach the sermon at the English church Sunday evening, which is a pretty cool birthday present. So pray for him that it goes well and the Lord uses him to speak into the hearts of the believers there. 

Well it's past 9 p.m., which means it's bedtime for these folks! 
Love from Cambodia,
Whitney & Andrew