After our arduous journey to Koh Kong, we were relieved to finally land there and spend a night regaining our energy. We would need it when we trekked through the jungle, fending off poisonous vipers, giant spiders, and leeches. Sounds like something from one of my nightmares.

Before we left Koh Kong, we spent the morning in a quiet mangrove forest outside of the city, wandering among the trees, listening to crabs digging through the sand and invisible birds calling to their mates.

We then left for one of the most amazing places I've ever stayed. Rainbow Lodge is an eco-lodge located on the Tatai River. It is only accessible by boat, which picked us up at a bridge and took us about 10 minutes upstream.

Our boat coming to the bridge.

Andrew is extremely happy to be on his way.

Rainbow Lodge consists of 7 bungalows, one for each color of the rainbow. Electricity comes from solar panels; water comes from rain harvesting, which makes for cold and invigorating showers. The meals provided are sourced locally. The bungalows are hid up in the trees, so that you cannot see them even from the river.

On our second day there, we took a 6-hour trek through the jungle that ended up being about 8 hours, but worth every minute. It was the only time I have ever been in Cambodia without a constant background musical track of beeping horns, thumping bass music, and chickens.

Huge spiders we saw all over the trail.

This was a huge Malayan pit viper sitting right in our path. Just one of many reasons you take a guide on this trek - you can barely even make out the snake in the photo, so well camouflaged it was.

And our final destination - the Tatai Waterfalls, a huge set of falls, which were overflowing because of the recent heavy rains.

This trip really showed us Cambodia at the other end of the spectrum from Poipet - a lush, green, mountainous country with so much natural beauty. Poipet has its own beauty of a very different kind. 

From the lodge, we traveled on to Sihanoukville to meet up with the SP team for our retreat. We intended to meet them at the hotel in Sihanoukville, but ended up meeting them much sooner than that...