The Rain is Here to Stay...

...for the next 3 months, anyway.

This week has brought almost-daily heavy showers. The day will start out with a piercing blue sky and puffy white clouds. Then, sometimes with almost no warning, the sky will turn steel gray, and the rain will come down in heavy sheets. The weather has turned to almost 100% humidity (at least that's what it feels like!), but it's also been a bit cooler.

Saturday, Andrew and I had already planned to spend the day at home. It's a good thing, because any plans we might have had would have been wiped out by the tremendous thunderstorm we had.

The Cambodians seem quite adjusted to it, and the kids love it. These kids continued on with their volleyball game, enjoying it even more because of the rain and the fact that their volleyball "court" had completely flooded into a muddy mess.

Their yard wasn't the only thing that flooded - our front porch has poor drainage, and if the rain is heavy and sudden enough, it overwhelms the drains and backs up into our front room. This is just one of many reasons that, nowhere in Cambodia, do you ever find carpet.

But when life hands you a flooded floor, make it into an opportunity to mop and add some soap to the water. It's hard to get too upset about a flooded room when you look out your window, and your neighbor's cardboard and tin roof shack is getting completely soaked.

This week has been pretty laid back for us. Clinic was steady but not overwhelming. I spent some time planning out the nutrition program, which is part of a girls' soccer camp that an SP partner will be having in late July. Andrew has continued working on plans for a water pump at one of the schools. He's been using a free CAD-type design program to work on designing the pump on the computer. And, you have to admit, it's pretty impressive.

We will have a short week coming up, as we work through Wednesday, then take off Thursday and Friday to travel down to southern Cambodia via Thailand (confusing, I know). We are excited to discover a different part of Cambodia. Then we will meet up with the SP team down south and spend the week at a hotel for the SP country retreat, which should be loads of fun.

1.jpgHopefully the rain won't ruin our plans too much.

Next week we are going on an international adventure into the jungle wilderness and an inhabited island off the coast of Cambodia. We are planning to leave two days before the staff retreat so we can do a little exploring before we get there. Here is the plan for the trip roughly mapped out on Google.

As you can see there are two routes to get to the final destination (the bottom red diamond) The one on the West takes about 8 hours because it crosses over to thailand for 4 hours, while the route on the East takes roughly 12 hours since it goes way out of the way to Phnom Penh. W are taking the short way on the way there and stopping for a few nights in the Cardamom Mountains where tigers and elephants roam free in the jungle wilderness.

Then after spending a few nights in the mountains we will go down to spend a few nights on the beach. After the retreat, Andrew is running in an 8k race in Phnom Penh, so we will travel back the long way. Needless to say we're looking forward to the trip. Don't get us wrong the work here is great but the days of rest are a necessity.

When we are gone we entrust these little guys with the responsibility of protecting the house from bugs. You can see right through their translucent skin and see their little heartbeat.