Water for Kids update

Working here in Cambodia has given me a great appreciation for the yellow pages. In the States I would take for granted the fact that I can look up in a phone book any sort of professional service desired. I even found them wasteful, since the dawn of the internet in 1995 and rise of the "googiverse" (Google-universe). But here in Poipet if you want a plumber, an engineer, or maybe a phone number for a construction shop, well, you only have your 5 senses to sniff them out - which means driving around town on scavenger hunts and relying heavily on word of mouth. Which makes me wonder how long it is going to take to find all the pieces to the puzzle for the water system I am designing for the new schools.

Working on the design for the new school has given me a chance to delve into researching technology that is simple, affordable, yet not very well known. Take the treadle pump for instance. It was surprising to me that in 4 and a half years of engineering school, not one time had I ever come across a water pump that can meet a very much-needed solution to irrigation and water distribution problems. Call it ignorance, call it lack of awareness, call it what you like; but it is very exciting to me that this great piece of equipment exists and can easily be manufactured locally. It should allow kids to pump water from a distant pond to the school building where they can filter it just outside the classroom, rather than hauling buckets of water back and forth hours a day.

Now I just need to figure out who can build a stand for the water tank. Let me know if you know any local metal workers, or structural engineers.