A Visit From America

This week in the thyroid clinic, we had a visiting endocrinologist who helped us in the clinic. We had a lot of biopsies to do, new patients to see, and returning patients to check up on. We started doing "fine needle aspirations", or FNAs, which are biopsies of the thyroid done by taking a very small amount of cells from the thyroid using a small needle. The fluid is placed on microscope slides, and Dr Rusty takes photos through a microscope and sends the photos on to a pathologist in America. It really is amazing how much we are able to do here with the help of specialists in America. In other cases, Dr Rusty has been able to send CT scans and X-ray pictures via email to a doctor, who has been able to "read" the films for us.

We have an ultrasound machine that is an essential part of assessing the patient's thyroid and helping with the actual biopsy.

This is the "slide holder/transportation carrier" that Dr Rusty rigged up. I think it used to be some sort of external shell for a power tool...Just tape a paper towel on top and you're good to go!

And of course, even here in Cambodia, there is always charting waiting to be done.

Om Suong takes advantage of the empty procedure chair to call a few patients up.

This is the patient flow board we've rigged up, in English and Khmer, to help us keep track of what patients are waiting to be seen and who comes next.

And this is a giant bug that was on the wall outside the clinic. Anyone want to guess what it is? Because I have no idea...