Throwing around a frisbee

Andrew and I have been using our time off on the weekends to hang out with our neighbors. As I may have mentioned before, our apartment is top floor of a house. The bottom floor is lived in by a family who farms on the surrounding land - Grandma and Grandpa, two grown children, and two adorable, rascally little boys, ages eight and five. We brought frisbees with us from the US and taught the boys how to make them fly. And those boys have fallen in love with frisbees!

Heng and Sai (pronounced like "sigh") are a little intimidated by the camera at first.

Then they get more relaxed and have fun with the frisbee...

And then they just start hammin' it up.

Here's Grandpa watering his plants

It has been getting much easier to talk with our neighbors and understand what they are saying. We haven't been doing any formal Khmer language study, unfortunately - just listening to people say words over and over and trying to make them stick in our brains. I don't think we could have asked for a nicer family to live above - they've been extremely gracious with our fumbling attempts at Khmer, and Grandma loves to give us fresh fruit, veggies and herbs from the garden. They've definitely help make our transition into Poipet a lot smoother than we expected.