School Feeding Program

On Friday, Andrew and I were able to visit one of the school involved in Samaritan's Purse school feeding program. Here in Poipet, a huge number of people cross the Cambodia-Thailand border every day to work in the large market on the Thai side. Many also work as transporters, moving large carts piled sometimes 8-10 feet high with goods, across the border. If these workers have children, usually one of two things happens: the child goes with the adult across the border, missing school; or the child remains home, usually without good food available, and very often not going to school on their own.

To encourage children to come to school, SP has partnered with the World Food Programme (WFP) to provide a hot, nutritious breakfast at the area schools around Poipet. SP helps to monitor the food usage, to ensure that all the food goes towards its intended purposes and that none is wasted.

Andrew and I haven't been able to visit the program yet, as the schools were not in session when we arrived in Poipet in April. So on Friday, we traveled along with Libby, an expat SP staff, and one of the monitors to check out the program.

The school we visited is only about 10 minutes outside of Poipet by car, and it is a relatively small school. The food is prepared across the yard from the school in a small tin-roof building.

Heatin' up the kitchen, using the huge wok to cook the rice.

The lovely ladies who help prepare the children's food.

The breakfast is made of rice with egg and a small bit of fish on the side for protein. The children seemed pretty excited to get it.

I know it's hard to see in this photo, but check out this dude's awesome calculator-watch-combo. He is totally psyched about going to school. 

Breakfast time!!!

It's saddening to think of how many kids would not be in this school, if it wasn't for the healthy, hot breakfast offered to them every day.