Our Work Space(s)

Two posts in one week?!?! I must not have enough work!!!

Just kidding - I happened to be carrying around our camera this week and snapped a few photos of where we have been working. This is to carry on the theme of photos-where-we-now-live-and-work, started on Sunday.

The week is starting to fall into a routine for me (Whitney). Mondays and Tuesdays, I hang out at the thyroid clinic, helping Dr Rusty with patient exams, blood draws (my fave!), and any random bits of computer work the clinic needs doin'. It is located on the grounds of the hospital, and it tends to be pretty quiet around there.

Our "official" clinic sign, in English and Khmer

Inside our clinic waiting room

Our awesome silver barber shop/reclining exam chair where we can biopsy thyroids and give a hair cut all at the same time...also in the background is Dr Rusty talking with a patient in the next room.

This is our view out of the front door - a water pond. That concrete wall has a place for plants to grow...

...which has already become the new home for little baby plants, carefully placed there by Dr Rusty.

The clinic work certainly has started picking up; we saw a lot of patients Monday, and it's exciting to see people coming. We've seen a variety of cases already, including lots of Grave's Disease, hyperthyroidism, goiters, and possible thyroid cancers. Dr Rusty has been patiently teaching me the ways of the ultrasound. I have to admit, I've been a little slow on the uptake, and a little reluctant to learn because I've never been good at looking at ultrasounds! But this work is giving me a good chance to learn, especially considering if it's breathing, Dr Rusty will ultrasound it! (For my CMH ER friends, just think of Dr Jim and you've got the picture!)

Andrew's office looks a little bit different. Here he is, with his tea and laptop, two essential components for a productive work day.

I personally think that some of his work is a little like play, especially when he gets to hand out water bottles to adorable kids like this...

SP distributed reusable water bottles to a school that is a part of the WFK project in the province. 

They sure look excited to get them!

And these were only half the kids who go to the school!

With excitement from Cambodia,
Andrew & Whitney