Our Khmer Church

We enjoyed another Sunday morning service at the Khmer church we have been attending since moving to Poipet. Khmer means that the service is entirely in Khmer. As you can imagine, it can be difficult to sit through a service in a foreign language we don't understand - especially for someone with hyperactive tendencies such as myself (Whitney, not Andrew - obviously). The songs are from a Khmer hymnal, and I do enjoy the different style of worship music. The sermon can be a little difficult. Sometimes someone next to us will take pity and translate; but I understand that can be tiring to do every Sunday, so we don't always get a translation. However, we feel that supporting the Khmer church by attending is important for us and helps us connect with other Khmer believers in the area.

The new church was built in the past few years and provides lots of room for kids in the bottom floor and the main service in the second floor. There's no air-con, but large windows and fans keep it pretty comfortable.

The land the church sits on is surrounded by a concrete security wall. We drive by it on the way to work at the clinic, and we often see children playing and running on top of the wall. We pray fervently that no one falls off and breaks their neck. A group from outside Cambodia (I can't remember - Australian or USA?) came to the church and painted a stretch of the wall with beautiful murals.

The land next to the building includes a spacious area for the kids to run off their energy and play some football (aka soccer).

Note the blazing hot sun shining down onto the field. We've been fortunate enough the past week to have some cool weather, but today has been blazing hot. Here's hoping to some rain tonight to cool things off!