Knife Injury #2

I did it again. I try blaming it on fresh new knives with extremely sharp edges, but I don't know how many people manage to slice open their fingers with the back corner edge of the knife while trying to lay it down on the counter???

After this incident, Andrew made me watch a video off YouTube on "Knife Safety in the Kitchen." Apparently he has a genuine fear of having a fingerless wife. Or that someday I'm going to accidentally stab him. 

Enough of the gory stuff. I realized that most of you haven't seen any photos of the beautiful place we call home. Our apartment is the second floor of a home surrounded by a garden/home farm tended by our landlord and his family. They grow everything here - bananas, mangos, eggplant, mint, basil, all sorts of delicousness!

This is the view from our front door. The large pond is a fish pond. You can always see lots of coconut trees everywhere here.

That is the view to the right of our front door. You can see the small balcony we have leading up to it.

The view on the other side of the house perhaps isn't quite as attractive, but it's definitely more representative of Cambodian homes around here.

This area looks deserted right now, but it actually stays pretty busy, with kids playing soccer in the yard, people hanging out in the evenings, and the occasional loud karaoke party, a national pastime here. 

The weather can change pretty quickly here. Maybe an hour after these photos were taken, the clouds rolled in and the rain poured down.

And then, gloriously, we came home to a beautiful sunset gracing the sky.

So that's about it! Hopefully this gives you a better look into our routine lives here in Cambodia.

Ok, here's one more photo, just can't help myself.........

P.S. We want to give a SHOUT-OUT to our amazing mothers this Mother's Day, Christine and Gail! We are so blessed to have families who are cheering us on in this adventure. We know it can't be easy letting us go so far away from them. Thank you for being women of God who have shown us who He is!!! We love you!!!