Enjoying a day off...

It's been another good week here in Cambodia. The weather has alternated from black cloudy skies and heavy rain to blazing hot sun and humidity - usually all within the same afternoon. The rain makes for interesting travel conditions out to the villages along the dirt/mud roads, as Andrew discovered Thursday morning when he rode out to visit some schools on a moto and came back caked with mud from the knees down. The mud here is pure clay - slick, sticky, and leaving large crusty craters when it finally dries out.

Dr Rusty hired a new Khmer woman to help with the clinics Monday - Wednesday. She speaks English and has been a tremendous help to me in communicating with our patients. It's amazing how improved the patient-nurse relationship is when I can ask why they've come, instead of just checking their vital signs and smiling at them. We are preparing for the visit of an endocrinologist next week who will be seeing patients with Dr Rusty and performing fine needle aspiration biopsies (aka sucking up little thyroid cells to see if there is cancer or some other problem) on the thyroid patients we've been seeing in our clinic. I did look up the procedure on YouTube, as I've never seen it done before, and now feel quite competent to assist. Oh the wonders of modern technology.

Andrew spent much of his time working on a Microsoft Access database for the water project. He is attempting to consolidate the numerous Excel spreadsheets that contain the schools' data into a concise database. The amount of information he's working with is quite large, and I think at times has been quite frustrating for him. But he's making progress, which has also allowed him some time to go out to the villages. Spending the entire week stuck behind a desk is not the reason he moved from HNTB to Cambodia!

Last night we had a good ol' American movie night at an expat family's home. We watched Secretariat, ate spaghetti and garlic bread, drank peppermint-mocha frappes, and devoured the Chai Spice Cupcakes with Snickerdoodle Buttercream Frosting that I had whipped up that afternoon. Yeah, I guess you could say that baking is my way of feeling more at home. Unfortunately, the buttercream frosting melted immediately upon removal from the fridge into the 90-degree room temperature, but it still tasted just as delicious.

Andrew and I plan to spend today resting, relaxing, and playing Ultimate Frisbee tonight with the church youth. The next few weeks will see us staying around Poipet, until we leave for the southwest coast for some traveling and for the SP retreat. We are also praying and talking about our next move after our internship is completed in August. We hope to make a decision by the retreat in mid-June: whether to stay in Poipet or go elsewhere in Cambodia, go elsewhere with SP, go back home... There are some decisions to be made, and we need prayer to figure out what the Lord's plan is for us. Sometimes there can be too many good options, which makes it difficult to decide! But with the time spent in Cambodia so far, we know we're in the right place for now.

Peace from Cambodia,
Andrew & Whitney