Cambodian BBQ

Friday night, we went out to eat at a Cambodian BBQ restaurant with several expat friends. Cambodian BBQ is similar to Mongolian BBQ back in the States, but a little more hands-on and a lot less hygienic. Sound interesting? It's actually quite good. (no, you don't kill the cow)

Andrew and CJ were pretty pumped about consuming large amounts of beef.

The meal starts with a few dishes: clockwise, vegetables and rice vermicilli noodles; next, the dark meat is beef with sesame seeds, and the lighter parts is fat to grease up your grill; then several small dishes with dipping sauce for your cooked meat.

Then the grill arrives - a metal dish that looks like a giant juicer, on top of a bucket of blazing coals.

The edge of the grill has a deep rim to it, and that is where the vegetable soup cooks and simmers during the whole meal. The waiter fills it up with - water? broth? not totally sure...

You grease up the grill with the fat chunks...

Then you lay the beef on the top part, fill up the bottom rim with veggies and noodles, and let it all cook away to your heart's delight.

Hey, it probably wouldn't pass FDA standards about keeping raw meats and vegetables separate and not using the same chopsticks on both foods, but we're not in America, are we? 
That food tasted fantastic.