Andrew and I are happily chilling in our papasan chairs (donated by our neighbor), feeling tired but satisfied by our jointly successful week. Accomplished was:
  • Andrew found a water pump to suit his plans for a water system at a new school
  • I finished designing the thyroid clinic database
  • Andrew was able to make the plans for a school more efficient with the advice and input from the SP water & sanitation advisor visiting from the USA
  • I have offered to help out with a local partner who does sports camps for kids. During a girls-only soccer camp this summer, SP staff will be providing health information to the girls. We chose nutrition as our focus, and I will be putting together some presentations to be used at the camp.
  • Andrew successfully drilled holes in our brick-and-plaster walls, and we hung up paintings bought at a market a month ago.
  • I cooked a batch of chickpeas. (Hey, sometimes, you gotta aim low to get something accomplished)
We also had a great time hanging out Saturday afternoon with the guys who work on Andrew's water team, and their wives, at a potluck hosted by our program manager. It was really enjoyable to spend time relaxing with and getting to know the people we see every day, without having to stress about deadlines or projects. And, the food was sooo good.

One of the couples also brought their son, who was the biggest camera hog and most technically proficient toddler I've ever met. He basically took this self-portrait himself.

I think I squealed when I saw that photo.

Our adventures in vegetarian cooking continue rather successfully. Tonight's menu was eggplant stuffed with chickpeas - so delicious, it disappeared before I could grab a photo or even think that I should photograph such a momentous meal. (stuffed eggplants?!? who knew???) 

A chunk of my fingernail, also, disappeared in the preparation of that dish.


The knives here are MUCH sharper than the ol' dull ones I've been used to using in the States to saw through my vegetables. Hopefully I'll make it through this internship with all my digits intact.