Week 2: Success

Andrew and I have finished our second week here in Cambodia. The weather gave us a gentle introduction at first, being quite pleasant; but the day April arrived, the hot humidity returned, and now we are adjusting our expectations to what they were before we arrived in Cambodia: It's gonna be hot here!

The past week has been filled with language classes, visits to partner sites in and outside of Phnom Penh, and trying to prepare for our move to our new home in the west. We are so thankful for the past few weeks of "gentle adjustment", but we are both ready to move to our home and begin our work. Along with the excitement, there is a bit of apprehension, as we plan to arrive at our final destination. We wonder and hope we are prepared for it (knowing that really, we're not), and we're also trying to get everything in Phnom Penh that we need for our house, since few things are available outside of the capital.

So enjoy the photos of our latest posts, and hopefully the next time we post, it will be from our new home!

"It's hot!!!"