Always carry a very long stick..

Andrew and I had our first encounter with the wildlife of Cambodia last night. It did not end well for the snake.

Last night we were hanging out with some people at a family's home outside of the city - eating spaghetti, watching a British TV series, the normal Western stuff. The family has a dog that is a watchdog/family dog that is hooked up to a line in their front yard. The dog started barking frantically, and one of the teenagers went outside to see what was wrong. Then we heard, "'s a snake!"

Everyone immediately jumped up and ran outside, grabbing whatever long pole or stick they could find. Except for me. When you yell "Snake!", I run away from it, not towards it. It seems the most logical action to me. So I stayed inside and looked outside the window, screaming at the guys, "Kill it!!! Kill it!!!"

The snake was sitting right next to our motorcycle.

But not for long. The guys gave it a few good whacks!, and the snake was no more.

Yes, inside my mind, I scream and run away every time I see that photo.

But of course, all the guys took glamour shots with it, all the while saying, "Oh man, it's a bad one!"

I asked the wife of the family, who's lived in Cambodia for 11 years, if she's ever had to kill a snake. She said, "You get a very long stick and you whack it until it stops moving. And don't scream."

I might have a problem with that last one.

All in all, I sent up several "Thank you, Jesus!" prayers that the dog was there to alarm us. Because of where the snake was sitting, we wouldn't have seen it if we'd walked up to our moto (why did it pick ours???) and we could have very easily been bit by what seems to be a very poisonous snake.

We think we found it on the internet. Here's the description.

"Russell's Viper: The Russell's viper is one of the most dangerous snakes in all of Asia, accounting for thousands of deaths each year. Once bitten, people experience a wide variety of symptoms including pain, swelling, vomiting, dizziness, blood incoagubility and kidney failure." (Russell's Viper Information Link)

Maybe it was just trying to say, "Welcome to Cambodia."