T-3 Days and Counting...

As evidenced by our complete lack of posting over the past month, Andrew and I have been in a flurry of activity, preparing for the uprooting of our lives from Kansas City to Cambodia. We've been busy with repainting our house, installing new light fixtures, making insurance arrangements, getting shots, reviewing orientation paperwork, having dinner with friends we won't see for six months, arranging our bon voyage party, saying goodbye to coworkers, planning flight schedules, buying lightweight humidity-proof clothing, buying luggage, figuring out how to pack all our stuff in our luggage, selling and giving away unwanted belongings....and bowling.

Andrew's father has become a devoted Tuesday night bowler, and we joined him this week to bowl for the last time, perhaps, in a long time. The above shot was our last game, in which Andrew and I were exactly tied.

What I didn't photograph was Andrew's previous game, in which he bowled 202. I let him win that one.

On Sunday, we fly to Boone, North Carolina for a week of orientation to Samaritan's Purse. We are certainly looking forward to meeting the people who have been arranging our internships over the past few months, and also learning more about the organization we will be working for.

That's the official statement. The unofficial statement is that I have to wear "business casual" for the entire week, and I have no idea what that means.

Business casual?? Casual for me is my husband's Old Navy sweatpants and a hoody. Business? When I go to work, I basically wear an oversized T-shirt with pockets and pajama pants (aka scrubs). And I do not own a button up shirt or a polo. Not one. So I'm seriously considering raiding the shelves of the local thrift store for appropriate if unfashionable "BC wear" and then shipping them back when the week is completed.

Fashion worries aside, we are looking forward to actually arriving in Cambodia. We land in Phnom Penh on March 20, then will spend two weeks in language training and traveling around the country visiting different project sites. We are glad we will have a few weeks to adjust to the weather, time change, and culture differences before jumping into our respective jobs.

Here's to our last three days at home (and figuring out what business casual means),