Bon Voyage!

Andrew and I want to thank you all who came to our Bon Voyage party and really made our last day in Kansas City a phenomenal day, getting to see almost all of our favorite people! I even got a motorcycle ride from my brother Parker, which was pretty sweet.

Unfortunately, I was too busy catching up with everyone and stuffing my face to take photos, so I thought I'd share a photo from our last Conard party, for my birthday. Kevin (Andrew's brother) bought me a mustache. I've always wanted one...

Andrew and I woke up after getting four very good hours of sleep, grabbed our bags and were driven to the airport by my parents, Doug and Gail. We're now waiting to load onto the plane to fly to Charlotte, North Carolina via Cincinnati. When we arrive, we will pick up a rental car and drive two hours to Boone, North Carolina.

We love you all and will keep you updated!

P.S. - For those of you having comment problems, I have fixed the settings - so your comments should show up now!