A New Destination: We Are Going To...

 Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge, London

England and Ireland!!!

No, we are not moving there permanently. But Andrew and I are fortunate enough to have the babysitters and time off work to jump the pond and spend a few weeks (without the toddler) this summer exploring two countries I have dreamed of visiting since I first read Pride and Prejudice.

I am the stereotypical American Anglophile. I love all things British, and 75% of the books and movies I consume are British-produced. I find England's history and culture fascinating, and becoming friends with a British family while in Cambodia has now given us an even better excuse to visit. 

Last month, when Andrew and I sat down to talk about our dreams for 2016, I brought up a trip to England. We've already visited his dream destination, Japan, to snowboard a year before Declan showed up. It was an amazing trip, and it taught me a lesson - don't wait for the "perfect time" to travel, because it doesn't exist. You just have to say, buy that ticket, and take advantage of whatever time you have.

So I put it out there - I want to go to England and Ireland this year. And because I have an adventurous, romantic husband, he said yes.

 Coast of Ireland

Coast of Ireland

Ireland came about as a "bonus trip" when we realized all the flights to London routed us through Dublin. When we looked up flight prices to Dublin, tickets cost around $400 less each than going on to London. And cheap flights between the two countries abound, making a few days in Dublin an easy choice (I'll share more tips on booking smart flights in the next few weeks!)

Over the next few months, I'm going to share how we are planning our trip, because I want to encourage any of you out there who might be thinking about travel but have no idea where to start. Or you have a trip planned, but feel overwhelmed by all the details and decisions you have to make.

There are a lot of steps to putting together an international itinerary - choosing the location (of course), dates, flights, accommodations, transport...and then the actual fun stuff, like sightseeing and where to eat. We are definitely not pros at trip planning, but we do have some experience. So I'll share what we're learning along the way.

If you are also planning a trip this summer, I'd love it if you shared where you're going in the comments and where you're at in the travel process. Let me know if you have questions or dilemmas about planning your trip, and we'll see if we can solve them together. And if you want to read travel tips now, I have a whole list of blog posts dedicated to Travel Tips for Rookies over here.

And let the travel planning begin...

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