Quick Lit - Or What I've Read This Spring

 a little peak at my c.s. lewis collection

a little peak at my c.s. lewis collection

I haven't written a book review post in forever, but I have been reading. I've sworn off checking out any more books from the library until I clear out the to-read shelf on my desk and finished reading the holds I've checked out. And audiobooks have continued to be a delight and time-saver during my 20-minute commutes to work.

So here is a nice, fat, juicy list of books I've read this spring. I hope you find something new to throw onto your to-read shelf!

I honestly didn't expect this book to speak my expat-travel-loving-mother's heart. But her stories of struggling to embrace motherhood and the challenges of having kids when your heart is between two continents moved me. 

This is the first home decorating book I've ever read that is more about your heart than about your rooms. I loved it. Her stories and ideas motivated me to finally take the steps to settle into our new (old) home.

I love a good food memoir, and Delancey didn't disappoint. She writes about pizza and marriage and supporting your spouse's crazy dreams. I've already picked up her first book, A Homemade Life, and added it to my to-read shelf.

The Girl on the Train
By Paula Hawkins

This new thriller counted as my "on the best seller's list" pick for the MMD 2015 Reading Challenge. And I sped through it in about five days. It's suspenseful and chilling and unexpected.

I took this to Cambodia and back without ever reading it, but it was worth the hassle. Elyse challenges us to examine the heart motivations that cause us to fight and strive and sin, revealing the idols we hold too dear.

An unabashed Anglophile, I picked this up after seeing the cover in Brits, a British goods import store in Lawrence, KS, that carries any and everything your heart could desire from England. It's an insider's view of English politics, society, culture, history, and royalty that's wry, unflinching, and a bit scathing.

The audiobook version was like a joyful, fantastical romp through the love of literature. The plot is a bit far-fetched at times, but the narrator gave such a passionate performance, I was pulled into the storyline and didn't regret one minute I spent there.

Me Before You
By Jojo Moyes

I'm sorry, but I can't jump on the Jojo Moyes train. As soon as I started this book, I knew instinctively how the story about the rich, frustrated quadriplegic and the socially awkward girl who falls into his life would end. Some characters grated against me, and although I loved the narrator's perspective, I could never shake the feeling she needed to buck up a bit.

All about making time for you, Jessica's book showed me that there is time to do what I love in the midst of work and childcare and housekeeping, and why I should spend my fringe hours doing it. It's a good read for the martyr type.

Yes Please
By Amy Poehler

I listened about halfway through the audiobook and just couldn't bite. I love Amy Poehler in movies and TV, but I couldn't shake the feeling I could be spending my time listening to something a bit more worthwhile. 

To read this month -

What's a book you enjoyed reading this spring? Or hated reading?!

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