Redeemer Stories - A Guest Post

While it's been a little quiet around here, I've been writing elsewhere. Here is a post just published today on my church's website about a time of unmet expectations when God met me and changed me.

When someone asks you to describe yourself, what are the first three things you mention?

For me, it was: nurse, health educator, and expat/missionary. But in 2013, when some of those roles were stripped from me, it radically changed my identity— for the better.

My husband and I moved to rural Cambodia in March 2011, and through the summer of 2012, I volunteered in a missionary clinic as a registered nurse. I helped set up the clinic, registered patients, assisted with procedures, and visited patients in their homes— a volunteer job that was meaningful and fulfilling. I also was finishing my bachelor’s degree in nursing online.

But in June 2012, the missionary doctor closed the doors of the clinic and went home for a year’s furlough. I continued studying online and volunteering with small projects, but my world of influence and work shrunk. After I finished my online studies in December, I found myself a very reluctant housewife with a blank calendar and few commitments.