Letters to Declan: 10 Months

Dear Declan,

Since you're turning 11 months next week, I thought I'd better get this letter written. We took your photos a few weeks ago, but life is a bit wild right now!

Ten months - you made it to the double digits! And I can hardly believe you'll be a year old next month.

December saw lots of changes for you. Your dad and I both went back to work. We celebrated your first Christmas twice - once with your dad's family (a full-house event over at Grandma's, during which I hardly saw you at all), and again with my family (a much more laid-back event, in which we discovered you love Ikea meatballs - as we all do). Of course, you didn't really know what was going on. But you immediately fell in love with the singing teddy bear and egg shaker from Grandpa Jim (fortunately, the bear has an "off" switch...I can only listen to the "I Love You!" song so many times in a day).

You seem to have adjusted almost too well to being with the babysitter or Grandma Christine during the day while I'm at work. Once in a while, you immediately start crying when I walk in the door - even if you were in the middle of laughing. I'm really glad you're still nursing, because it means we still get some cuddle time before I go to work, when I get home, and before you go to sleep.

It's almost alarming how quickly you scoot around on your butt, pulling yourself with your hands. I keep trying to teach you how to crawl, but you immediately fall on your belly, protesting. Guess we'll save that for later.

Your favorite word has become "Hi!", which you use for everything - even grabbing my cell phone, shaking it, and yelling "Hi!". You've been paying attention.

I'm really looking forward to getting through training at work and cutting back my hours, so I get to spend more time with you. You are getting more interactive and playful every day, and I'm so grateful for your friendly, joyful personality.

You're my buddy!

Love, Mom

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